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S. E. M. Fatima Braoulé MEITÉ
Word from the Ambassador on SVPSM 2021
Canada, with an estimated population of 37.6 million, is a huge world import market. It is a country whose economy is highly dependent on foreign trade, as evidenced by the many bilateral and multilateral trade agreements it has negotiated and signed with various countries to ensure the normal functioning of its economy.
The three key sectors of its import market which may be of definite interest to exporters from developing countries and Mali in particular are: agri-food, textiles and clothing, and home decor. Imports of agri-food products from Canada reached $11.2 billion in 2019, those of textiles and clothing $14 billion in 2019, and home decor items $3 billion in 2019. These items originated mainly from the United States, China, the European Union (United Kingdom, Germany), Japan, and Mexico.
Canada also offers duty-free and quota-free access to least developed countries (LDCs) as well as lower than normal tariffs to more than 100 other developing countries, giving them a clear competitive advantage. This preferential Canadian Market Access Initiative has been extended until 2024.

Join us at this first edition of the Virtual Fair on Mali’s products and services which will be devoted to:

  • Highlighting the potential opportunities offered by the Canadian market to Malian SMEs;;
  • Presentating companies exporting agricultural products from Mali;
  •  Outlining the services and assistance that the Embassy of the Republic of Mali in Canada and the Trade Promotion Office Canada (TFO Canada) can provide to Malian companies, to benefit from the opportunities existing in Canada’s international trade sector.

This Virtual Fair will be structured around two areas: an exploration component and a commercial component.
The exploration component will:

  1. Outline the various instruments facilitating exports from developing countries to Canada, and the possibilities offered by TFO to support them.
  2. Allow participants to benefit from experts’ know-how on promising sectors for Malian SMEs in Canada, and for participants to learn more about the export sectors from Mali to Canada,
  3. Benefit from the testimonials of entrepreneurs who have succeeded in exporting and doing business in Canada,
  4. Respond to the points of interest posed by Malian SMEs, through question-and-answer sessions
  5. Take advantage of networking opportunities (where possible).

The commercial component will : Provide prequalified companies with real opportunities for business relationships, and B2B facilitated by specialized consultants from TFO and CFCI, with assistance from the Malian Embassy team.

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