Sharing the same desire to fight poverty and convinced of the existence of possibilities for improving their living conditions, the women of the rural commune of Zantiébougou have since decided to unite around shea butter in order to make a source of income.
This desire was materialized in 1999 by the establishment of an Association called Union des Groupements Féminins de Zantiébougou (UGFZ).
In the same dynamic, the Union changed in 2005 into a cooperative called the Zantiébougou Shea Butter Producers Cooperative (COPROKAZAN). Currently, COPROKAZAN covers 37 villages in the municipality and has 905 members. Traditionally, new memberships are organized on February 22, each year.
Since their creation, COPROKAZAN has had infrastructures allowing it to produce and store its productions.

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Name : Mme Mariko Mah Koné
Position held : President of the Coprokazan
Phone : +(223) 79 12 66 43
Mobile : +(223) 79 12 66 45
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