The Center d'Etude et de Développement Industrielle et Agricole du Mali (CEDIAM) is a a private company that transforms mango into puree and mango concentrate, created in 2011, it is one of the main exporters and leaders of the agro-industrial sector in Mali and West Africa.
CEDIAM's activity is currently focused on the processing of mangoes purchased from local farmers. As part of its project, CEDIAM will develop its own plantations in order to:
  • As part of its project, CEDIAM will develop its own plantations in order to:
  • To diversify its activities by producing other fruit juices and concentrates
Building a modern factory and recruiting a team international experience have enabled strong growth over the years first years of activities
Despite political unrest and the temporary border closure in March 2012,
the construction has never been interrupted The production line, with a daily processing capacity of 480 tonnes entered service in summer 2012. It uses modern technology to process a wide range of tropical fruits. Line is currently used below its maximum capacity due to limited fruit availability In the region
The operation of the plant and the working conditions are strictly supervised according to standards and international certification standards. CEDIAM has notably obtained the certifications and respects the following standards:
  • ISO 22000 FSSC
  • Organic EOS and NOP
  • Global Gap
  • Grasp and Fair Trade
The factory is managed by 12 senior professionals with years of experience in the development of agro-industrial projects.
The transport of the fruits to the factory is carried out by our own trucks up to 480 tons / days. The CEDIAM uses a quality management and monitoring system from the departure to the arrival of goods. CEDIAM is benefiting from strong growth in demand for mango puree worldwide.
  • The world market for mango puree is around 300,000 to 400,000 tonnes per year Europe with 50,000 tonnes and an annual growth in demand of 3% represents the main export market for CEDIAM Malian mangoes are valued for their quality and relatively low chemicals in the production process
CEDIAM exports and processes three varieties of fresh mangoes to European markets: Kent, Keitt and Amélie:
  • Amélie : Smooth, fiberless flesh, oval shape, size 8-10. Pale green in color or yellow, slightly red
  • Amber Mali : Dark yellow flesh, sweet, aromatic, juicy, tender and without fibers. Form oval to round, 6-9 gauge. Dark green, slightly red with small yellow dots
  • Golden Mali : Tangy and sweet flavor, firm flesh, little fiber. Very wide, of oval shape, 6-8 gauge. Green, slightly dark, red

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Name : Anna CALVI
Position held: Directeur
Phone : +(223) 20 22 08 35
Mobile : +(223) 44 90 21 92
Email : direction.yanf@cediamsa.com / f.caponetti@montecarlofruit.com
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