The Mali Product Development Company (SOMIVAP), is a family-owned company that has excelled in the export of gum arabic for over 30 years.
It was founded by Mamadou Gueye who is one of the largest exporters of gum arabic in Mali and who is also one of the few Malians to invest deeply in the sector.
The industrialization of the company began between 2011-2012, Located 15 km from Bamako, in the circle of Kati, SOMIVAP has a gum production unit built on an area of ​​10 ha, including an annex serving as a office and three (3) stores specific to each type of eraser produced by the company. The company in the future opts for the extension of its factory located in Kati.
SOMIVAP has a machine in the factory, used for cleaning and crushing products.
In perspective, SOMIVAP is part of the possibility of extending its industrial unit for the marketing of its products. We have the production capacity of 1300 tons per campaign, it has brought innovation in the production and export of gum in Mali.
SOMIVAP creates jobs for all, especially for women's groups with whom the company works throughout Mali.
SOMIVAP works for the enhancement of gum arabic and contributes to the well-being of vulnerable layers. Our partners are: Germans, French, Indians.
Our Representatives in Canada are:
Madame Mariam GUEYE
Phone : +1 (873) 355 8276. OTTAWA
Email :
Monsieur Boubacar Sidiki GUEYE
Phone : +1(873) 355 6313 OTTAWA
Email :

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Name : Mamadou GUEYE
Position held : Manager
Mobile : +(223) 76 31 99 14
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